We care about our Quests and want them to enjoy their stay at the Villa Nipashovi. To be able to do this, we have created common Regulations for all our Quests.

Ilmaherrat has all the rights to change and update our Regulations and Booking Conditions.


Ilmaherrat applies the following conditions to bookings its Villa Nipashovi. These conditions are binding on both parties once the client has paid the advance payment.



Ilmaherrat has all the rights to take Advance Bookings according to its consideration.
Advance Booking is confirmed once the client has paid the deposit (20 % of the Villa rent)  by the due date.  Advance Payment (20% of villa rent) due date will be  7 days after clients confirmation. The remaining amount must be paid at least 30 days before the rental period holiday is due to start.
If the Booking is made  30 days before or closer the start of the rental period, the total sum  including the deposit and the final payment must be paid  at one and the same time at due date within 3 days.
If the client fail to pay the deposit or final payment within the period specified, the booking may be cancelled without further notice.
If the client fail to cancel the Advance Booking (by letter, telefax or email),  Ilmaherrat will charge the Booking Payment (20% of villa rent).    

Ilmaherrat will send the client a written invoice, Nipashovi basic information, directions for finding it or the keys.



Any cancellations must be made to Ilmaherrat in writing (by letter, e-mail or telefax ). The date on which Ilmaherrat receives the notification will be regarded as the date of cancellation.
Should the client be able to prove that the cancellation was made and sent to the right address at the right time, a cancellation may be accepted despite late arrival or failure to arrive.
In the case of a cancellation, the client will forfeit the deposit. If the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the client will be charged the entire sum for the accommodation.
If the accommodation can be rented to another client from whom the equivalent sum is obtained, the deposit will be retained by Ilmaherrat as a handling fee and will be not refunded.
Regardless of the above, all sums with the exception of the deposit paid to Ilmaherrat will be refunded if the client or a person from the same household falls seriously ill, has an accident or dies.
In this case, Ilmaherrat must be informed immediately of the cancellation, which must be properly verified by, for example, a doctor’s certificate. If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours from the start of or during the rental period, payments already made by the client will not be refunded.
If the client change the accommodation or rental services more than once, the charge will be  € 50,00 at each time. All ordered rental services or extra services will be charged in advance payment or immediately after awareness of the costs.
In a case of cancellation the extra payment will be charged  according to the rental or extra service producer regulations or the according to the realizationed costs. Ilmaherrat must be informed immediately all the changes.

If the client change the accommodation or make changes to the booking dates after 30 days before rent is due to start, it will be treated as a cancellation of the previous booking and a subsequent new booking.



If the client fail to pay the deposit or final payment within the period specified, the booking may be cancelled without further notice
Ilmaherrat may cancel a booking in the event of a force majeure. In this case, the client is entitled to a full refund of the sum paid. To the event of a force majeure including also the

sales of the villa or taking the villa for Ilmaherrat own use. In these cases Ilmaherrat will inform client immediately and will return the all the payments but is not obligated to pay extra compensation or substitute accommodation.



Two keys to the Villa will be handed over to the client at the time of arrival as estimated and from the place has informed. The keys will be returned to the Villa Nipashovi.
Ilmaherrat  is entitled to charge at least deposit of €75 or realizationed expenses in case the loss of the keys.

The House masters contact number is



The villa rent covers the use of the accommodation starting at 16.00 day of arrival and will end at 12.00 named departure date.
In the case of a one-week stay the Villa rent covers the furnishings, cooking and eating equipments ect.
( according to the list ), wood for fireplaces, electricity for heating, cooking, and lighting and water. Bed covers, pillows, sheet and towels (12 pcs ) are also included in one week-stay. For the one week-stay includes also one cleaning after the departure.

In the case of shorter than one- week stay, extra bedclothes or towels and cleaning will be charged according to following price list:
Ready made bed with sheets 15 € per pc. Bed sheets 12 € per pc. Towels 6 € per pc.  Villa cleaning  120 € , Sauna Cottage cleaning 25 € and cleaning of big dirt, food or drink stains 30 €/h.



Any objections and complaints regarding the Villa Nipashovi must be made immediately to the House Keeper. House Keeper try to prepare or compensate the matter according to his potential. If the matter is not satisfactorily attended to, the client should make immediately a written reclamation to Ilmaherrat.  After made reclamation do not take to account.
The Client is obligated to inform for the any damage caused to the villa or its contents during the occupancy. Those damages are informed or not will be charged from the Client according to real expenses.
Ilmaherrat will not compensate the damages has been founded after booking are causes by suddenly climate change, ice, snow, cuanobacterium, construction work at the nearest site or wind.
Should we not be able to settle things amicably, the Client are entitled to have the dispute arbitrated at the Finnish Consumer Complaint Board. The contract is governed solely by Finnish law.



The number of persons staying at a cabin or apartment should not exceed the number given in clients booking. Maximum amount of persons is 22. Extra persons who haven’t notified during the booking, will be charged 60 € per person per day.



Smoking is only allowed outside of the villa at specified smoking areas. Smoking inside will be charged 100 €. Ilmaherrat is not responsible for the allergic or any harm cause by illegal smoking inside.

Taking pets to the accommodation or villa site is not allowed.



Client has also a great opportunity to order Extra services. For instance: the House master to make an inclusive guidance, the ready heated sauna or ready made ice hole in the lake, the fruit basket, a bottle of champagne. For further information please fill the questionnaire form.

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