Tahko is right in the heart of Finland, 435 km from the capital Helsinki. Location is nearby the city of Kuopio, where the nearest airport is. Nearest railway station is 40 km away and Tahko is easily reached also by bus.
This is how You drive from Kuopio to the Villa (appr. 57 km):

Take road # 5 / E63 north appr. 22 km.
Turn at Siilinjärvi right to road 75 and drive appr. 14 km.
Turn left to Sänkimäentie # 5761 and drive appr. 12 km.
Turn right to Pajujärventie # 5762 and drive appr. 3 km.
Turn left to road # 577 and drive appr. 2,5 km.
Turn right to Sääskiniementie # 5775 and drive appr. 1,6 km.
Turn right to Sieraniementie (left side Tahko Safarit) and drive over the bridge.
Take next to the left and You’re at Vaarnatie.
Villa Nipashovi is on the right

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